Resin copper diamond pad

Resin copper diamond pad

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Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

1.Resin copper diamond pad

2.With high diamond concentration and copper inside,never use Sic as additive, with aggressive and tenaciously, better heat transmissibility performance, can be used both by dry or by wet.

3.They are designed for avariety of applications and can be used in the fabrication shop and at the jobsite.


Grit Loop Velcro  Color Product Number              
3"×2.2mm 4"×2.2mm 5"×2.2mm 6"×2.2mm 7"×2.2mm
30 OLIVE GREEN 3QR3BCU0030 4QR3BCU0030 5QR3BCU0030 6QR3BCU0030 7QR3BCU0030
50 BLUE 3QR3BCU0050 4QR3BCU0050 5QR3BCU0050 6QR3BCU0050 7QR3BCU0050
100 YELLOW 3QR3BCU0100 4QR3BCU0100 5QR3BCU0100 6QR3BCU0100 7QR3BCU0100
200 ORANGE 3QR3BCU0200 4QR3BCU0200 5QR3BCU0200 6QR3BCU0200 7QR3BCU0200
400 RED 3QR3BCU0400 4QR3BCU0400 5QR3BCU0400 6QR3BCU0400 7QR3BCU0400
800 DARK GREEN 3QR3BCU0800 4QR3BCU0800 5QR3BCU0800 6QR3BCU0800 7QR3BCU0800
1500 LIGHT GREEN 3QR3BCU1500 4QR3BCU1500 5QR3BCU1500 6QR3BCU1500 7QR3BCU1500
3000 BROWN 3QR3BCU3000 4QR3BCU3000 5QR3BCU3000 6QR3BCU3000 7QR3BCU3000

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