6A2 Vitrified diamond/CBN wheels

6A2 Vitrified diamond/CBN wheels

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Product Description

1.6A2 Vitrified diamond/CBN wheels

2. a. Vitrified bonded diamond wheel is used for grinding the hardened brittle materials like steel, tungsten carbide, PCD, PCBN, ceramic,etc. Offers better grinding perfomrnace than the metal diamond wheel. But, since it has no rigidity of bond, it is more suitable for precision grinding than the resin bonded diamond or CBN wheel.

b. Vitrified bonded CBN wheel is used for grinding of steel materials such as automotive parts: (Camshaft, crank shaft,gear), bearing parts, household appliance parts ( compressor, motor shaft) and tools


Diameter(D) Height (T) Thickness(X) Width(W) Hole(H)
100 22 3 2/5/10/15 20
125 22 3 2/5/10/15 32
150 24 3 2/5/10/15 32
200 29 3 2/5/10/15 51




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